Monday, November 14, 2016

Sexy Seniors want a man that measures up

Older women today are looking for men that can measure up the their standard
s. Remember, Guys, women over 50  are experienced and know what they want.  And what a woman over 50 wants most is sex

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 Over 50 women want a man that can get it up and keep it up

Sexy seniors  today are not really interested in teaching a boy how to please them. Women over 50 want men who know what they're doing. In today's times, older women want men that can  keep up with their sex drive.

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Senior singles and especially older women who are divorced or widowed have spent the last two or three decades comforting their children or first husbands and may  even be taking care of elderly parents.  today's sexy seniors  want men that are flexible, confident and pro active. What they don't want is a wimpy  guy that needs a mommy or nurse.

Also, older women believe in manners, yes that thing where a guy still  opens the door for her, gets up from his seat when she stands, pulls out her chair or helps her on with her coat.

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 If you can't tongue kiss an over 50 woman move on

Looking at the younger men today, the over 50  woman is not interested in a child that wears his pants so low that his underwear is exposed, Older women want a clean, good smelling guy who knows how to dress. Also if you are a guy who doesn't know how to kiss at age 40 then  move on.

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Older women in their fifties want sex not conversation

Most sexy seniors are successful and financially well-off so if you are looking to hook-up with a sexy older woman in her fifties you need to be either her boy toy or her equal. - Which one are you?

Many older women in the mid or late fifties are either widowed or divorced. They have spent many years in a relationship and for many, being single again is just want they want. The freedom to do what they want, when they want and how they want. So a live-in relationship or marriage is not what these over 50 women  are looking for.

Sexy seniors dating
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They are most likely financially well-off either because they are professionals with a successful career or they have inherited substantial monies from divorced or being widowed. Either way they want a guy that is going to satisfy them physically and mentally.

These are experienced women who know about life and sex. Women over 50 are sexy, hot and in demand -- Take a number and stand in line because older women are the new black.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Sexy seniors enjoy sex as a means for coping with stress

During the throes of a difficult divorce, it's easy to assume that love will never resurface. But it does. A recent survey found that more than 75 percent of women over 50 enjoyed a serious, exclusive relationship after their divorce—often within two years. And 81 percent of men in their 50's did the same. In fact, 26 percent of all respondents were dating before their divorce was final. Yes, older women are  dating and sexy seniors are looking for dating and intimate encounters.

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Sexy seniors cope with stress with exercise and sex

What got them back into action? The number one reason given (both sexes): proving to themselves that they were getting on with their lives. For men, sex ranked a close second. Call it therapy; one in four men in their 50' and a third in their 60's and older said they had sex with a new partner as a means of coping with the stress of the divorce. (Hitting the bottle was the second most frequent coping mechanism for men.) How did women cope? The top ways were exercising and retreating into work. Singles over 50 are joining senior dating sites in groves making it easier to meet senior people.

Older women are more likely to have sex on the first date

More than 25 million over 50+ women are single, according to recent studies. But if you’re 50+ and new to the dating scene - or simply tired of meeting the wrong types of people - it’s not always easy to find potential mates who fit your needs. Lots of guys want to date older women and these over 50 women are ready and eager for sex dating.

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Some mature women try local pickup joints, which are typically filled with 20-somethings who seem like they’re speaking another language. And even the most dedicated 50+ single can get overwhelmed by the pumping music, the pierced noses and lips, and the sheer number of young people who pour into these clubs are overwhelming.

Others may check online dating services, like senior dating personals or the more sex oriented Senior Sizzle. Although the pool of possible candidates is much larger, the impersonal service  means you could easily end up on a date with someone who claims to be the Raquel Welch type but instead resembles Ruth Buzzi.  So it is important to use a trusted online dating service with integrity like senior dating personals, which provides a discreet, safe environment for seniors

Sexy Seniors Dating
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The perceived benefits of divorce differ by gender. Women were far more likely than men to say that having their own self-identity was a top reward. That made them a little gun-shy of marrying again anytime soon: 43 percent of women said they emerged from the split against remarriage. Only 33 percent of men said they wouldn't remarry.

Joining older women dating sites to find sexy seniors is on the rise

 Over 50 women are more likely to have a strong network of friends to support them after a divorce, explains psychologist Ahrons, author of We're Still Family: What Grown Children Have to Say About Their Parents' Divorce. Men typically don't. That makes men more vulnerable to loneliness—the worst fear for both sexes in a divorce. It's telling that a third more men than women in our study had remarried after their midlife divorce.

Sexy senior dating
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Single older women are 5 times more likely to want a sex partner as opposed marriage

For reluctant once-weds agonizing over whether to do it again, the following statistic is worth considering: our survey found that 57 percent of men and 54 percent of women who remarried after a midlife divorce have sex at least once a week. Those who remained single aren't nearly as active in the bedroom; single divorced men are three times more likely never to have sex than their remarried peers. Single divorced women are five times more likely to want sex.  For all of the pain of midlife divorce, it tends to leave a normal, healthy, and optimistic man or woman in its wake. This is a big surprise to many people, says Ahrons.

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Such was the case for Jane Burroughs. She looks back at her decision to end her marriage of more than three decades with no doubts. She's dated but has no desire to remarry. Her female friends provide her with companionship and emotional closeness. And, having been married at 19, she's finally experiencing living in the world on her own. "After getting my divorce it was like going back and doing things I should have done when I was a teenager," she says. "I learned how to look within myself for happiness.

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